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The Indestructible Donation

Preserving Ukrainian history one NFT at a time.


Russia attacked Ukraine on Fenbruary 24th, 2022. To quickly raise funds, we needed a way to bypass the damaged banking system and get money straight into the hands of Ukrainian charities.

We can't fight in the war, but we can fight with our creativity.

Artem Melnychuk
Indestructible Donation Photographer


To stand in solidarity, we launched The Indestructible Donation— an unbreakable NFT charity campaign harnessing the power of decentralised cryptocurrencies. Working with local photographers, we created an NFT collection of 40 images documenting Ukrainian cities, culture and way of life. These pre-war images were backed up on the blockchain as a digital time capsule that cannot be destroyed by explosions or bombs. Buying an image as an NFT means you can preserve a piece of history. 100% of Indestructible Donations went towards the Ukrainian people to help them rebuild.

Every Ukrainian is currently doing what they do best to stop the war. I’m a photographer. So when the opportunity arose to share my photos to help our people — I said yes without hesitation.

Anton Kolosov
Indestructible Donation Photographer


In less than five days, the Indestructible Donation was launched. The passion project was completed in-house, inclusive of ideation, design, website build, NFT expertise, photography liaising, image meta tags, release forms, social media, and charity consulting. The NFTs were minted and managed on OpenSea—the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles. The Indestructible Donation is not an advertising campaign, but a platform designed to move and provoke.

    "A beautiful campaign that reminds the world about the stronger side of humanity."

    Natalie Lam, Chief Creative Officer,
    Publicis Groupe Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa


    • In 24 hours, we received over 500 images from 13 local photographers capturing the pre-war beauty from every corner of Ukraine.

    • Featured in SBS: Inside Ukraine’s ‘IT army’: a 300,000-strong force ‘destroying’ Russian infrastructure.

    • 100% of Indestructible Donations went towards the Ukrainian people to help them rebuild.

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