Pet Culture

Launching an ecommerce pet brand in a global pandemic


How do you launch, build and accelerate a pet brand in a saturated market?


PetCulture had an ambition to be a major player in the cluttered Australian pet market. The challenge was the launch timeline was measured in months and not years.

Not only were we tasked with launching the brand from scratch, we were also asked to build and accelerate new customer foundations. And create a cost-effective CPA solution too, ensuring a profitable outcome for the brand from the very outset.


By leveraging our propriety Intent based planning framework, we were quickly able to multiply Petculture’s inbound channel tactics with audience insights and powerful creative executions.

And by layering the Intent mindset data across our core channel partners, (using Woolworths owned channels) we were quickly able to build anticipation and brand awareness.

This was achieved in a saturated market, during a pandemic, from idea to a known brand within a matter of months.

And the challenges weren’t insignificant.

From launch we found that our competitors were bidding against our brand name in Google and marking down our product prices. Covid-19 also affected our warehouse staffing which impacted on our ability to ship products to our customers on time.

And along with this, a number of our pet pharmaceutical products were rejected by Google’s and Facebook’s policy at the time.

Despite these challenges, Razorfish worked quickly, using our media and analytics capability to be drive exponential growth and inbound traffic in spite of the headwinds. We also employed the powerful connected platform of the Publicis Groupe, partnering with media vendors, to build joint business ventures which contributed toward bringing a pet powerhouse to the market, in record time.


In just a matter of months, we launched the new brand, leading to many more happy, furry friends across the nation.

  • 35% incremental purchase volume above target across all pet product categories
  • 30% improvement in cost per new customer acquisition against target goal

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