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How do you breathe new life (and better CPC) into display advertising?


Lenovo’s Display performance was underperforming in comparison to industry benchmarks. Early analysis showed that the creative executions were generic, one-size-fits-all and weren’t driving the impact and product consideration Lenovo wanted.

We also found the executions were primarily focussed on offers rather than product capabilities which was actually what our new prospects were after.


We started by employing the Intent Based Planning tool to understand the exact customer mindset. Using search terms, we created a bespoke dictionary which was categorised and ranked into relevant mindsets.

Once this was done, we were able to align the mindset (Open, Understanding, Exploring, Evaluating and Buying) to specific, tailored display messages along with bespoke landing page experiences.

Using the Google GMP stack we were able to create a tailor-made master template, which was flexible across all B2C/B2B audience types. The template allowed for customisable headlines, images, backgrounds, price points, CTAs, benefit proof points and transitions across 14 unique creative variations and 4 messaging frames.


The application and integration of Intent and the resulting dynamic creative outputs delivered an 83% reduction in CPC levels as part of a multi-year engagement.

  • 9x increase in CTR
  • -83% decrease in CPC
  • 40% increase in site visits

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