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How do you combine media and creativity to make a real impact in the health and wellness culture of Australia?


For many Australians, joining a gym can be intimidating given the body-perfect imagery so prevalent in the category. Moreover gyms can be scary places to visit, if you’re part of the LGBTIQA+ community or one of the 4.4 million people living with a disability. So, what if the country’s largest gym network could begin to change that? To launch Anytime Fitness’ new brand platform, we disrupted the outdated perceptions of what ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ looks like and in the process created a powerful purpose-driven business-wide transformation for inclusivity.

It’s our mission to lead the fitness industry in advocating inclusivity – by transforming our culture, environment and member experience. We hope to bring this to life in our latest campaign.

Rob Hale
General Manager, Anytime Fitness


After defining our target audience of females aged 18-29 and uncovering WHY they felt uncomfortable with current gym culture through research groups, we embarked on a new brand strategy for Anytime Fitness.

We launched our new strategic direction with a striking campaign at the heart of which sat a 45-second film, 'ANYBODY, ANYTIME’.  Through a visceral and unapologetic set of OOH, digital and social, we empowered the very people who have traditionally been ignored in gym advertising. Our cast of a Paralympian, Wheelchair Bodybuilder, body-positive influencer & diverse Anytime Fitness members proudly showed how they break the stereotypes, as a way to prove that when it comes to fitness, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

It was a thumbs up at traditional notions of what exercise, healthy and beautiful means in a world where Instagram-perfect is the celebrated norm.

Our ambition as a brand is to make fitness more accessible and enjoyable for all Australians no matter their shape, size, sex, gender, ability, ethnicity or level of fitness. It was important that the campaign showcased real people and served as a true representation of the diversity of people who actually work out in our gyms.

Caitlin Bancroft
Chief Marketing Officer, Anytime Fitness


‘ANYBODY, ANYTIME’ was more than a campaign that championed health inclusivity. It sparked a wider business mission to make Anytime Fitness the most welcoming gym in Australia. Anytime Fitness launched national partnerships with minority organisations, and together, we collaborated to support genuine diversity and inclusion across 500+ gyms: including accessibility audits, staff education, local community outreach and consultation with LGBTIQA+ groups.

  • 500+ Clubs committed to the Action Plan
  • 8% brand lift (against a 2% goal)
  • 104% increase in search conversions YoY at -3% CPA
  • 90% YoY increase in branded search volume
  • 26% YoY increase in CTR

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